KALIKUNNAN is the brand born in the bosom of CALICO SA, founded in 1850 and pioneer in sport fishing. His birth dates back to the early 90s when developments in carbon fibers, allowed its application to the world of sport fishing. Since then they have generated a multitude of models, as well as a host of add-ons and accessories, which of course have evolved over the years adapting to new trends and using increasingly innovative materials based on the latest technological advances, in addition to strengthening an extreme treat in their manufacture.

Our vocation is to present specialised ranges in Atlantic and Mediterranean fisheries of southern Europe, both inland and at sea, where the quality/price becomes an obsession for our design team.

There is a great diversity of ways in sport fishing, some linked to the world of competition, other sports techniques employed by high-level experts or advanced practitioners who contemplate the playful aspects of our sport. In both cases our greatest desire is to be able to understand the needs and tastes of fishermen, so we put all our enthusiasm to design products that surely will surprised you by their quality, uniqueness and for their unsurpassed performance.

In KALIKUNNAN apart from covering the more traditional or classic techniques, we modernised them taking advantage of new technologies, we studied very thoroughly formulas and types of fishing practiced in other parts of the globe trying to adapt to our hinterlands always with the intention to obtain better performance in our waters and with our fish.

We hope that navigating between images and the large number of technical specifications that we offer, you discover products you like or even venture to experiment with new methods and techniques.

You are of course welcome to visit your usual store, and personally “touch” models you have discovered on our website.

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